Friday, 5 April 2013

Yamaha TSX-W80 & TSX-70 iPhone/iPod Docks

Yamaha have unveiled two new iPhone/iPod docking stations in the form of
the Yamaha TSX-W80 and TSX-70, though, with its retro appeal and
AirWired cradle, it s undoubtedly the TSX-W80 that s the star of the
show what with the TSX-70 very much being an otherwise pretty standard
alarm clock dock offering �traditional physical docking of your device.
So, unsurprisingly, and in light of the above, we ll concentrate our
attention on the gloriously retro inspired Yamaha TSX-W80 which, thanks
to the aforementioned AirWired cradle (as well as a top mounted docking
port) which will allow you to stream music wirelessly from your
iPhone/iPod, once attached to said cradle, thus allowing you to keep
your device on your person whilst playing audio via the TSX-W80
(particularly handy if making or expecting calls or if you just cannot
bear to be parted).
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