Friday, 5 April 2013

United Airlines WiFi Service Now Available

If you re booked up on a Untied Airlines flight and your flight just
happens to be between New York and California you ll now be glad to know
that you ll be able to surf the net from both notebooks and mobile
devices in-flight thanks to United Airlines now offering cabin based
WiFi access.
A positive boom for those who simply cannot get by without Tweeting
every 10 seconds as well as for those looking to finish up reports or
research prior to that all important meeting United Airline s WiFi
service will additionally doubtless be warmly welcomed by those like me
who, invariably, find the in-flight entertainment less than interesting
and so succumb to boredom (followed by cabin fever, irritability, cramp
). Conversely, of course, it ll also mean that you may have to endure
being seated beside a fellow passenger who spends the entire flight
hammering away at their keyboard, or giggling inanely (oh, yes, a cat
skateboarding on YouTube again, not see that one). Thankfully, the
service offered will not allow passengers to partake of either cell
phone based or VioP based voice calling.

The first United Airline s flight to offer in-flight internet access,
which utilises Aircell's Gogo WiFi service, took place last Friday with
United Airlines having now confirmed that a further 13 of its Boeing 757
airframes are set to be set up with their own WiFi hotspots allowing net
access by November. In the meantime, Robin Urbanski of United Airlines
says that the airline will be using this initial rollout to gauge
customer feedback, the results of which will, potentially, if positive,
pave the way for a wider implementation of the service.

The Gogo in-flight WiFi service presently being offered by United
Airlines on its flights between New York and California will presently
set you back just shy of $13 for laptops and around $8 for other WiFi
enabled devices such as BlackBerrys, iPhones and, of course, the iPod Touch.
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