Friday, 5 April 2013

i.Tech SolarVoice 908 Solar Bluetooth Headset Released in US

We ve seen solar power hitting the consumer electronics market pretty
extensively of late, especially but not limited to reserve phone power
packs, and now, should you reside stateside and hanker to embrace more
by way of eco-friendly, free energy courtesy of our star and you re in
the market for a new Bluetooth headset, you ll doubtless find the new
i.Tech SolarVoice 908 Solar Bluetooth Headset of particular interest.
Billed as being the �first solar-powered Bluetooth headset with noise
reduction to be made available to the US market, the i.Tech SolarVoice
908 comes complete with an advanced suite of digital signal processing
software to assist in the reduction of background noise and distortion
taking in �low-latency, low distortion, multi-band signal processing
and psycho-acoustic masking (eyebrow suitably raised a la Roger Moore)
whilst also offering up A2DPย (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
allowing the SolarVoice 908 to stream music from phones as well as A2DP
compatible DAPs and PMPsย (inclusive of the iPhone and, if you have
v3.0 installed, iPods).
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