Sunday, 14 April 2013

WiFi-enabled Bathroom Scale to Scare the Overweight

Those who're looking for a way to track their weight have a new piece of
technology to do with, now that the humble bathroom scale has been taken
to a whole new level. Created by the creative folks from Withings, what
you're looking at is a stylish Wi-Fi enabled bathroom scale that makes
sure it remembers things that you'd rather forget. Meaning that it
automatically registers weight, fat and BMI calculation, and stores
everything online.

After being launched and tested in other parts of the world, the sleek
device comes with a ridiculously stylish design. However other than the
tempered glass surface, brushed metal accents and the inverted LCD
display, the Withings bathroom scale manages to impress with its
futuristic features.

After conducting your body's analysis (accurate to 100 grams), the scale
not only tells the uncomfortable truth but also makes sure it stores
everything on the company's website via Wi-Fi. That means that you'll
have to either log in to their site or through a special iPhone App to
view a chart that accurately shows when you had pizza or chips and fries
with Coke.

The biggest drawback (you thought such a product would be flawless, eh?)
of the new Withings Wi-Fi enabled bathroom scale is that it's available
in the US already for something close to $160.

We have a question though! What if there's no hotspot around when you
check on your body weight, will it remember it and upgrade the chart
whenever the Internet is back? If so, we're really busted in here!
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