Sunday, 14 April 2013

Palm Pixi Release Date Rumored for October 20th

Considering the amount of news in the mobile industry it looks like
October is going to be the hottest month of the year. The Palm Pre has
already lined up for an amazing deal, the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 or
the Motorola CliQ managed to cause some serious head turning, well it
looks like it's time for the Pixi to make a comeback as rumors have it
that Palm s second webOS device is going to be released this month.

Our good friends from BoyGeniusReport have managed to get their hands on
some intel that the younger brother of the Pre, Palm Pixi, is going to
hit both Sprint corporate stores and BestBuy locations shortly. Shortly
as in three weeks from now, on October 20th.

For those you can't remember it, Palm Pixi comes with a visible full
QWERTY keyboard and a 2.63-in multi-touch TFT display (320ร—400
resolution) with gestural navigation, 8GB of built-in memory and
intergrated GPS for location-based services, as well as an accelerometer
to orient your images. Although there's no Wi-Fi, the Pixi will count on
Sprint s EV-DO Rev. A network for Internet access.

So are you waiting for the Pixi now that you know the release date is close?
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