Thursday, 4 April 2013 Super USB Mobilephone Charger

There is one thing on which most of us can agree when it comes to our
mobile electronic devices. Dealing with all of the different chargers is
a huge pain in the ass. It seems like every time another cell phone
comes out they have to find some way to make it a complete and utter
inconvenience for the buyer to juice up the damn thing. It certainly
didn't seem to be that much of a problem for USB, did it? Why not have a
standard when it comes to charging your mobile devices? OK, so maybe
that's a bit of wishful thinking. In the mean time, you can either pack
along five or six different chargers (if you are just that much of a
geek that you have that many different devices) or you can pick up a
Super USB Mobilephone Charger from
The Super Mobilephone Charger looks like something that you would expect
to see soaring through the blackened skies of the Matrix universe. With
its ten tentacles it just might be enough to make you have some pretty
intense sci-fi flashbacks. All that aside, it is actually a pretty handy
piece of gear for those of us that travel or simply want to make our
lives in general a little easier. It has ten different connectors that
feed into a single USB connector. This means that it's compatible with
ten different types of cell phones and will also act as a data sync
cable for your iPhone.
Now on the downside, you can't connect more than once device at a time.
You will also need to use the included voltage booster if you plan to
charge your Nokia phones. Here's the complete connector list:

Nokia 2.06mm (or 2mm)
Nokia 3.5mm
Sony PSP
Motorola (V3 series) HTC and other phones using USB Mini 5 pin as
charging port
Micro USB (for?Motorola V8…)

Samsung (20P (s))
Samsung (20P (M))
Sony Ericsson Fast Port
iPhone / iPod (for charging and Data HotSync

Now for less than $10 you really can't go wrong here.? Head on over to and get your own.
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