Thursday, 4 April 2013

Epoq EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector

Projectors are certainly garnering a lot of press lately as
manufacturers are racing to see who can be the first to come up with the
smallest, brightest, most full-featured models. The latest product
offering from Epoq, the EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector, and it is definitely
going to give the competition something to talk about this fall. It's
currently the only mini projector to feature the Windows CE 5.0
operating system and it also gives the user the option to open Microsoft
Office programs directly on the projector without having to attach it
directly to a PC.
The EPP-CEP1 Pico Projector is definitely a step ahead of the
competition when it comes to functionality. Not only is it a mini
projector, but by integrating a pocket PC into its compact chassis, can
open and project Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Presentations, PDF Documents
and many other business applications, without the connection of any
external device. This feature will certainly give you some added
flexibility especially for those occasions where you are without your PC
or simply want to show someone your latest presentation quickly and
With an integrated Windows CE 5.0 platform, the EPP-CEP1 includes
Windows Media Player, Word Pad and Microsoft Office viewers that let it
display PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents. It can also play video in
WMV, AVI, and MPEG formats, photos in BMP and JPEG formats, and MP3,
WMA, or WAV audio files.
The EPP-CEP1 projects images up to 50-in (it supports standard VGA
640×480 pixel resolution) onto any surface and also features a
3.5-mm standard jack that allows you to connect your headphones or
speakers. You can also use the built-in mono speaker to play audio
directly from the device. The projector is operated via the integrated
touch pad and can be used as a USB host, allowing you to plug in a mouse
and keyboard into the CEP1′s USB ports. This means that you can
control the presentation directly from the projector.
The CP1 uses energy-efficient LED technology that provides for up to
20,000 hours of operation and is powered by either on-board battery with
4-hour continuous operation or AC adapter. You can get your own Epoq
Pico Projector for $359.95 at
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