Thursday, 4 April 2013

OCZ Introduces Agility EX SSD Series

The Solid State Drives hype is on these days, simply because of their
inherent advantages over conventional data storage options like hard
disk drives, and not only because they're fast but they're also becoming
more and more affordable. Hence why the folks over at OCZ have been
working around the clock to announce that its Agility EX series will be
soon available and more to it, it looks like these 2.5-inch SSDs are
claimed to be the cheapest Single-level Cell (SLC) SSDs on the market.

The new OCZ Agility EX series will have a maximum read speed of 255Mbps,
and a maximum write speed of 195Mbps. Sustained write speed however, is
quite lower at 100Mbps. These 64GB SSDs will have 64MBs of on-board
cache, support RAID configurations and require little power to operate
— only 2 Watts in operation mode, and just 0.5 Watts in standby mode.

OCZ's SLC-based Agility EX SSD series will initially be available for
something close to $399, but so far, there's no word concerning
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