Wednesday, 3 April 2013

USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad

USB pointing devices are typically limited in their functionality. You
can point, click, and scroll but it seems they fall short when it comes
to being able to dynamically manipulate images and documents. The latest
product innovation from Brando, the USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad, is hoping
to increase your productivity with its broad range of features like the
ability to zoom in and out or rotate pages and graphics all using a
combination of two- and three-finger movements on its touch-sensitive
pad surface.
The USB Multi-Touch Smartpad is a 2-in-1 combo touchpad that features
both a Multi-Touch touchpad and integrated numeric keypad. You can
switch between the two functions with the touch of a single button and
since it's not much bigger than a standard mouse you can take it with
you even when you're traveling. The coolest features are the various
mouse commands that you can replicate by simply using a series of two
and three-fingered taps and movements on the touchpad. You can zoom in,
rotate, and emulate the functions of a three button mouse with a scroll
wheel. For those of you with an iPhone you are already used to some of
the movements so it should come as second nature to you.
If you are into graphic design or desktop publishing the Windows
XP/Vista compatible USB Multi-Touch Smartpad just might help to move
things along for you. It's compact (80 x 104 x 15-mm) and only weighs
about 100-g, which means it won't take up much space in your office or
your suitcase. For more information on program compatibility and a
complete list of functions you can head on over to The
USB Multi-Touch Smartpad retails for $40.00.
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