Wednesday, 3 April 2013

3M Introduces MPro 120 Pocket Projector

3M have rolled out their latest projector, the MPro 120. A successor to
the earlier MPro 110, the company thinks the new 3M MPro 120 is an
ultra-portable projector, and a sound investment as well. The full VGA
projector has 12 lumens of brightness and can project at 640 x 480
resolutions for three to four hours while running on its batteries alone.

Images can be projected on any flat surface at a distance between
8-inches to 50-inches in 4:3 aspect ratio while working in the enhanced
brightness mode . It can connect with a number of multimedia devices
including PCs, netbooks, smart phones, game consoles, digital media
players, digital cameras and even camcorders.

The new 3M MPro 120 projector is currently available on pre-orders for
$423, with deliveries scheduled to begin by September 10.

One last thing! Just to show how wonderful the projector is, 3M have
also released a cheesy advertisement with queer and totally off-sync
sound effects which will probably make you think a thousand times before
spending your money on the MPro 120.
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