Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wide Variety of Android Phones Getting 2.1 Update Droid, CLIQ, Hero All Among Phones Getting The Coveted 2.1 Update

AndroidandMe has released a new report detailing what

phones will get the prized Android 2.1 update and when those owners
can expect it. Android 2.1, the latest version of the popular mobile OS
was launched with Google's flagship Nexus One phone earlier this year.
According to Google, it's up to the individual phone manufacturers and
telcom providers to decide if they're going up OTA update to 2.1
Android 2.1 is bringing a ton of new features to the platform, including
full multi-touch, support for Flash 10.1, support for Google Buzz,
multi-accounts, as well as all the features of stock Android 2.0.
Obviously, the big draw here is the multi-touch.
AndroidandMe notes that the original Android roadmap revealed at the
CTIA conference said that we could expect Android 2.1 in Q2 2010, but it
seems that the new 2.1 is being fast tracked out to all providers and
phones as soon as they want them. Motorola CLIQ users on T-Mobile can
expect the Android 2.1 update sometime in March, as can HTC Hero users.
The Motorola Droid, the first non-Nexus One phone that was reportedly
supposed to get the Android 2.1 update, could see the jump to Android
2.1 anytime in the next week. Our friends at Sony Ericsson confirmed
that the new Xperia X10 will get an Android update prior to release, but
they haven't confirmed if it will be Android 2.0 or 2.1
Unfortunately, T-Mobile G1 owners might be left out in the cold. The
first Android phone doesn't have much storage space, and many in the
internet speculate there is no way the 2.1 update could be applied to
the phone's meek 256MB of flash memory.

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