Friday, 5 April 2013

Nokia E72 Now Available in UK to Pre-Order

Only last week we offered our US readers a tip concerning the unlocked
Nokia E72 being up for pre-order at Amazon and now, for those of you who
are UK based and who fancy getting their hands on the E72 ASAP " not
least because the E72 is widely acknowledged as being the best S60 based
handset, ever " we can advise that you can pre-order the phone directly
via Nokia as of now.
If you re wanting to cut to the chase concerning the E72 s UK price tag
and you re already well versed with what the Nokia E72 brings to the
table you ll need to scroll down the post as, for those who are yet to
be �in the know here s a brief run-down concerning the E72 s
specifications " incidentally, if you re wanting the full and uncut
low-down concerning the E72 s comprehensive list of features you ll find
those posted in the above linked page.
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