Thursday, 11 April 2013

Toshiba Unveils MKxx56GSY 500GB 7200rpm Laptop Hard Drive

Those who'd like a faster laptop hard drive have where to choose from,
and the latest to grab one from is Toshiba who have just recently
announced their 2.5-inch MKxx56GSY 7200rpm laptop HDD that features a
top-end half-terabyte storage capacity.

Designed to deliver 13-percent more performance in disk operation than
previous 7,200 rpm hard drives, the new Toshiba MKxx56GSY also makes
for an environment friendly device that eliminates the use of certain
toxic and hazardous chemicals.

Specs wise, MKxx56GSY comes with two platters each storing 250GB of
data and features a maximum areal density of the of 395 Gb/sq in (best
in class, they say). It has a a maximum transfer rate of 1,255 Mbps,
comes with the SATA certified 3Gbps logo and an average seek time of
11ms to boost its responsiveness.
More to it, the new Toshiba MKxx56GSY is not just a large hard drive
but one with decent shock resistance ratings -- 325 G operating shock
resistance and 900G non-operating shock resistance.

Toshiba's MKxx56GSY hard drive will begin mass production in Q4 2009,
but we're still waiting to be updated on a price tag.
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