Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Digital Turntable

It's been nearly 15 years now since Pioneer revolutionized the
professional DJ experience with the introduction of its first fully
digital electronic DJ turntable system the CDJ-1000 and we have been
anxiously awaiting the next iteration in the series. Well, the wait is
over. Pioneer announced today that it is ready to launch its next
generation digital turntable, the CDJ-2000, and we couldn't be happier
with the result. They've taken one of the best digital turntables on the
market and made it even better.
Back in the day it was all about spinning vinyl. Professional DJs
manipulated the black disks in clubs all over the world churning out
their art for millions to enjoy. With the advent of digital music, it
seemed that the world of the DJ would change forever. Would the result
be the same without the tactile nature of old-school LPs? Would DJs be
able to work their magic with CDs and MP3s? With Pioneer's digital
turntables you can work CDs like LPs and forget about lugging along your
laptop to access your digital music. This thing is heavy on
accessibility. You can get to your music whether it's on CD, DVD,
portable hard drive or flash memory device and in formats like MP3, AAC,
The Pioneer CDJ-2000 represents a step-change in digital DJ equipment.
This latest version sports a huge 6.1-in WQVGA color LCD panel for
displaying song titles and jacket art as well as detailed track
information so DJs can select songs at a glance. The wave data of each
song is also illustrated on screen, showing high and low amplitude to
further assist DJs. Two additional new features on the CDJ-2000 include
the Needle Search function, which gives DJs instant access to any part
of a song just by touching the Needle Search pad (it's like moving the
LP under the needle, get it?) and a new enhanced jog dial that gives the
user the ability to adjust the tension and feel of the dial from light
to heavy while being guided by integrated illumination in darkened
You also get several of the tried and true features from the original
CDJ-1000 like Pioneer's rekordbox digital music management software, the
ability to link together up to four CDJ-2000 units with integrated
DJ-Link, and up to 35 controls on the surface of each player to trigger
other devices, like DJ effecters and software by way of HID and/or MIDI.
The CDJ-2000 will be available in November with a suggested retail price
of $2,150.
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