Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blur Tripod Adapter for iPhone's Camera

Among the goodies the iPhone 3GS brought when launched earlier this year
was a much better camera compared to the previous models, but still it's
not a flawless device for taking pictures. That must be the reason why
the folks from Mobile Mechatronics have searched for a way to eliminate
blur from photos and videos you take with your iPhone.

Dubbed the Blur Kit, it includes the Blur Tripod Adapter — a
device that attaches to the bottom of the iPhone and allows to connect
to any standard tripod mount, a mini portable tripod to carry in your
pocket or in your purse, and special software that enhances photos with
adjustable photo delay, multiple pictures with variable delay and a
level feature within the camera app.

Can't say for sure why Mobile Mechatronics decided to name their tripod
adapter the Blur since that's exactly what it's designed to eliminate,
but if you like it, cost is $14.99 for the physical kit and $0.99 for
the software application that should be downloaded from iTunes.

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