Thursday, 11 April 2013

Toshiba dynadock U Universal USB Docking Station

Since I don't like to work off of my laptop while I'm at my desk for
extended periods because of the uncomfortable keyboard and small
display, I hook it up to my monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse. Viola,
I have a desktop PC again. I have also used docking stations where all
of those devices where plugged in and you jack the computer into the
base. Not a bad deal, but you have to buy a port replicator that's made
for your brand of laptop. The Toshiba dynadock U is here to help. Now
you can connect all of your USB devices into the dynadock and with one
USB cable connect them all to your laptop.
Toshiba announced today that it would begin shipping its new dynadock U
Universal Docking Station and laptop owners couldn't be happier. The
dynadock U essentially acts as the hub for all of your USB devices. It
links all your gadgets, displays, sound systems, mice,
keyboards…you get the idea… with one USB cable into your
computer. It is designed to work with just about any brand of
Windows-based PC that has an empty USB 2.0 port.
The dynadock U comes with a built-in HD digital video card so you can
connect an HD display. It also supports multiple displays enabling the
user to connect up to three monitors at the same time. You can connect
up to six different devices and two of the USB 2.0 ports are sleep and
charge capable. There are also Ethernet LAN and 3.5-mm audio
connections. To remove your computer from the dock you just push the
undock botton.
The Toshiba dynadock U Universal USB Docking Station is available for
sale now from with a suggested retail price of
$149.99. You can also get more information by visiting

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