Sunday, 7 April 2013

TomTom Go x50 LIVE PND Units Unveiled

TomTom has unveiled no less than three new portable navigation devices
(PNDs) in its new, flagship GO x50 LIVE range in the form of the GO 950
LIVE, GO 750 LIVE and the GO 550 LIVE all of which embrace TomTom's IQ
Routes technology which offers optimal routing based on actual road data
(speed limits, traffic snarl ups, etc) ensuring that you reach your
destination in the shortest journey time with the minimum of fuss.
Apart from utilising the company's IQ Routes technology the new GO x50
range of PNDs additionally sport real-time traffic updates courtesy of
RDS-TMC as well as what TomTom term as their LIVE snapshot feature which
offers HD Traffic, safety alerts and fuel pricing information for at a
glance perusal whilst there's also an Eco Routes feature that, as its
name suggests, is designed to get you from A to B via the most fuel
efficient routing.
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