Sunday, 7 April 2013

Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 3

As if setting up a home entertainment system isn't hard enough with all
of the different devices you have to control and remotes that use IR or
radio signals or Bluetooth standard, none of which like each other all
that much. It's enough to make even the most ardent technorati roll
their eyes and throw up their arms in frustration. Imagine the
collective sighs of relief heard 'round the world when Interlink
Electronics announced the release of their latest remote control. The
Blu-Link Universal Remote Control is targeted directly at those users
that have chosen to place their PlayStation 3 at the apex of their
high-definition universe and this remote speaks its language.
Interlink Electronics announced today the release of their latest
device, the Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 3. Those
of us that have been using the PlayStation 3 for its Blu-ray
capabilities know the general pain in the ass that Sony has caused by
using the Bluetooth standard for their console's wireless communication
protocol of choice. Now you can have your HD and eat it
too…or…well, you know what I mean. The Blu-Link has actually
combined two protocols into one universal remote control. It gives you
the ability to control both IR and Bluetooth devices with the same unit.
So why care? Because now you can control your PS3 as well as your other
devices with one handy little unit.
The Blu-Link sports some overall pretty useful features. First and
foremost is the Control PS3 built-in Bluetooth radio. This is the heart
of the device and it's what gives you control over your PS3 from across
the room. You can also control up to five other devices and the unit
comes pre-programmed with tons of models of TVs, VCRs, DVD players,
DVRs…the list goes on. And if you want to cut your remote control
staff to a comfortable few you can even program the Blu-Link to learn
codes from other remotes.
The Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 3 is definitely on
the must-have list for the PS3 enthusiast. It offers true integration of
your PlayStation 3 into your home entertainment mecca and it might even
let you pair down your controls to a more manageable group. Its Advanced
PS3 Buttons offer even more seamless interaction giving you the
triangle, circle, square, X, Select, Home and Start that you're used to
using with your console. The Blu-Link is on sale now for $49.95. For
more info and to buy your own head on over to

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