Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sony MDR-770LP Headphones

If there's one thing I can't get enough of it's rare-earth magnets in my
audio headgear. There's just something about having super-powerful
magnets draped over my head that gets me all tingly inside. What a
minute, maybe that's the magnets. Anyway, headphone manufacturers of the
high-end variety have been using things like neodymium for years to
enhance the audio quality of their phones. But who has all that cash
laying around to be able to enjoy them, anyway? Sony has the answer to
your prayers with their latest over-the-ear headphones, the rare-earth
powered MDR-770LP, and they bet that you'll be attracted to them.
Rare earth magnets; I don't know how they work or why they're used in
headphones, but apparently Sony does and that's all that matters. Their
new MDR-770LP headphones are loaded with tiny little neodymium magnets
that are supposed to make them sound better than all those other
headphones and their lame ordinary magnets. I'm not sure if all the hype
is true, but I really like saying neodymium. The sort-of-high-end
headphones offer up a 30-mm driver, 300kJ/m3 neodymium magnets, 12 Hz
– 24,000 Hz frequency response and 107 dB/mW at 1 kHz sensitivity.
I know, I had you at neodymium. You really want to get your ears on
these new headphones as quickly as possible, don't you? Well that's too
bad. You are going to have to either settle for a pre-order at or wait until they start shipping on November 19th.
Oh yeah, and all that magnet magic doesn't come cheap…they'll run
you about $100.

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