Thursday, 11 April 2013

Gyration Air Mouse Elite Doesn't Need a Surface To Slide On

Be it the living room, the office or the kids' room, sometimes it's hard
to find a place for your expensive mouse to slide on when you have your
PC or the laptop connected to the newly bought HDTV. But worry no more,
as the good folks at Gyration have just announced an elegant and
ergonomic Air Mouse Elite that caters to the whole situation, in style.

The Air Mouse Elite doesn't need a desk or surface to work as it brings
the intuitive simplicity of motion by following your natural hand
movements and by featuring a small gyroscope to measure the angle and
the speed of the movement. The gyroscope not only assures accuracy, it
also allows you to move the cursor on screen between two points with ease.

Meant as a communications and presentation tool for more compelling
lectures, the Air Mouse Elite by Gyration connects to your device via RF
with a range of 100 feet and only weighs 3.3 ounces.

It should be available in the coming weeks for $99.99 or for $149.99
if also need a wireless keyboard to go along. Doesn't look like a bad
deal, eh?
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