Thursday, 11 April 2013

Microsoft Windows 7 For Students at $29.99

It's official that Windows 7 is launching next month (on October 22)
with a hefty price tag attached for which Microsoft has attracted some
criticism, but not if you're a student. Rumors have it that from
September 30, Microsoft is going to offer their next-gen operating
system to students for only $29.99 — deal running through Digital
River, instead of the normal retail prices that cost times more.

Meant for those who couldn't afford to buy a new PC with Windows 7
pre-installed, it's the best price a student gets to pay for the new
Premium Home edition or the Professional builds. Interesting however,
Microsoft UK also has the offer for a more expensive 29.99 GBP, compared
to the 79.99 and 189.99 GBP respectively, that you'd have to pay if
living in Britain.

One last thing regarding the Windows 7 Student Offer. To be eligible for
the offer you need to have a college or university valid .edu email
address and a PC that currently runs on a genuine copy of Windows Vista
or Windows XP.

I wonder what happens if we get creative and find some .edu addresses to
apply with. How's MSFT going to track everything? Still a great offer
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