Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Seagate Pimp My Drive FreeAgent Go HDD Skins

Many an OEM manufacturer has pushed the notion of celebrating your
individuality courtesy of your peripherals but, in the main, such
offerings have been limited to broader color choices which hardly offer
true uniqueness. Seagate, however, thanks to their new Pimp My Drive
service, unlike the aforementioned companies, can indeed lay claim to
offering up genuinely personalised products in allowing you to
personalise their FreeAgent Go external hard disks to your heart's
content (or thereabouts).
If attempting to stand out from the masses simply in choosing a
particular color finish from a selection of hues doesn't appeal then, if
you're looking for a little portable external storage capacity,
Seagate's Pimp My Drive service is undoubtedly for you as you can select
pretty much any image to adorn your drive and Seagate (or, rather,
MusicSkins, will take care of it).

The skins, which as indicated previously are being offer specifically
for Seagate's FreeAgent Go series of external hard disks, take the form
of vinyl skins that are applied to your FreeAgent Go HDD units using
'patented 3M adhesive technology' that, according to Seagate's press
blurb, ensures smooth application (free of air bubbles) as well as easy
removal should you decide that your particular skin is no longer to your
tastes. Additionally its claimed that the application of the skin allows
for further protection of your drive in offering additional scratch
resistance – which is a bonus.
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