Wednesday, 3 April 2013

NEC MultiSync EA190M 19-in LCD Monitor

The latest monitor offering from NEC might not be that impressive when
it comes to size or resolution, but given the way they are marketing it,
I don't think that was their intent. The biggest buzz in the computer
display market seems to be energy-savings. With so many LCDs abuzz in
the corporate world it's no wonder that manufacturers are trying to come
up with monitor designs that use less energy and the NEC MultiSync
EA190M certainly fits the bill. While it might not be a widescreen
offering and a bit low on the size side of things at only 19-in, the
EA190M does promise to lower your carbon footprint and look good doing
At first blush, it would seem that the NEC MultiSync EA190M is your
pretty standard 19-in display. It has your traditional 5:4 aspect ratio,
1280×1024 resolution, 5ms response time and is aimed squarely at
the professional business environment where office space is at a
premium. On the eco-friendly side, NEC claims that the EA190M uses 50%
less energy than traditional LCDs and that 50% less mercury was used in
its manufacture. It also features a one-touch ECO mode that allows users
to quickly maneuver between two energy-savings modes. The display rests
upon a 4-way ergonomic stand, sports a sleek black bezel and offers up
five visual presets (standard, text, movie, photo, game).
The NEC MultiSync EA190M appears to be yet another solid offering from
NEC. If you are in the market for an affordable, no-frills standard
display that just might save you money in the long run (and give you the
warm and fuzzies all over for being so environmentally friendly), the
EA190M is for you. NEC will begin shipping the EA190M in September 2009
with an estimated street price of $259, which includes a 3-year warranty.
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