Sunday, 14 April 2013

Palm's Paid Apps for webOS Devices to Kick In

Just days after getting the new webOS 1.2 on the market, Palm is at it
again announcing that the company is ready to roll out the much craved
for paid app service for webOS devices. On top of that (yes things get
even better) Palm users are not going to have to wait for the App
Catalog, because the first batch of paid applications are expected to
kick in, today, October 2nd.

Other than being quick on the release, the new paid apps are also
appealing as they're being directly connected to your Palm profile,
meaning that you can buy an application now, delete it later and
re-download whenever you feel like, for free.

The same happens when you switch to a new webOS device like Palm Pre or
Palm Pixi — all you need to do is sign into your account and get
all your apps at no extra charge.

With the recently released webOS 1.2 coming with improved e-mail filter
options, the possibility to copy-paste web pages, calendar dialing and
LinkedIn contact syncing, it's only natural that the new webOS paid apps
are going to take advantage of these all. Too bad, the new 1.2 update
doesn't bring the iTunes sync, eh?
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