Sunday, 14 April 2013

Samsung Armani W8200 Features, Specifications & Images

Back at the beginning of September we brought you a fairly comprehensive
run down concerning the up and coming Samsung Armani W8200 AMOLED
touchscreen phone that comes with integrated DMB TV tuner and now,
thanks to further details emerging we can not only build upon what we
already know but we can bring you some pretty impressive imagery of what
is a pretty impressive handset.
As Alex stated in his initial heads up, as linked above, the Samsung
Armani W8200, which measures in at 100.9 x 53.7 x 15.1mm and weighs in
at 132g, touts a 3.1 � AMOLED WVGA resolution touchscreen with slider
style keypad (serving to supplement its touchscreen functionality) and,
as rumoured, does indeed additionally pack a 5 megapixel autofocus
camera along with integrated DMB TV tuner whilst offering HSDPA
connectivity along with Bluetooth. This is all now confirmed as is the
fact that it comes with microSD card slot allowing for bolt-on
additional capacity which, considering the Armani W8200 also touts
integrated video and audio playback capabilities will doubtless prove
especially handy " though the handset will come with a bundled 16GB
memory card from what we can gather.
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