Sunday, 7 April 2013

NOVOTHINK Surge Solar Charger Case for iPod/iPhone

Free energy is a good thing, right? I mean, if you could just lay your
electronics out on the table and let them charge the world would be a
much friendlier place. Then we could all lay around with flowers in our
hair talking of world peace and drinking absinthe. Maybe that what the
folks at NOVOTHINK had in mind when they got together to develop their
latest iPod/iPhone friendly charging gadget, the Surge Solar Charger.
There are plenty of solar chargers out there claiming to work with just
about ever portable device under the sun (sorry) but the NOVOTHINK Surge
is the first ever officially Apple-licensed solar charging case that is
approved for use with both the latest edition iPod Touch as well as the
new iPhone 3G.
The main feature of the new Surge is the integrated solar panel on the
back of the case. It's pretty hard to miss it, really. It's this nifty
little device that allows you to charge your iPhone or iPod using just
the beautifully warming (and free) rays of our favorite star the sun.
Now doesn't that just make your heart grow and your thoughts turn to all
of the little icebergs you've just stopped from calving prematurely? I
thought so. And if you happen to be locked in a dank cave completely
devoid of light alone save for your laptop and your iPhone you can still
charge it with the included USB cable. Mind you, it's not the
Earth-friendly option but it is damn convenient.
As for additional bells and whistles, there are four LED indicators
whose sole purpose in life is to let you know if you've got enough rays
for optimal solar charging and approximately how much charge level
remains in the case. When all four indicators turn green, you're fully
juiced. When the Surge isn't busy charging something it stores its power
in its own internal battery.
NOVOTHINK's Surge Solar Charging Case is expected to be available for
the iPod Touch 2G later this month and will sell for $70. The iPhone 3G
and 3GS model are slated for availability later this fall. Need more
info? Point your browser to
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