Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dahon BioLogic FreeCharge iPhone & iPod Charger

The keen cyclists amongst you who enjoy listening to music courtesy of
your iPod or iPhone will undoubtedly at one time or another have been
caught out thanks to your iPod/iPhone running out of charge during your
journey. But now, thanks to the Dahon BioLogic FreeCharge, such
occurrences could be a thing of the past as, thanks to utilising your
bike's dyno hub, the device will ensure that your device is topped up
with free – and, more importantly, decidedly green tinged –
Whilst predominantly being billed as ideal for use with iPods and
iPhones, the Dahon BioLogic FreeCharge will, of course, as with the by
far the vast majority of chargers, also happily serve to supplement the
charge with respect to whole host of additional gadgetry such as GPS/PND
units, phones and other DAPs and PMPs with, for example, the device
acting to wholly replenish a fully depleted iPhone battery in just
around three hours.

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