Sunday, 7 April 2013


The latest and greatest in high-definition televisions appear to be
heading not only in the direction of super-clarity and active wireless
integration, but ultra-thin design appears to he high on the list as
well. Consumers are seeking sleeker HDTVs to fit in with their interior
designs and what used to pass at two or three inches in thickness simply
won't cut it anymore. In a direct response to this demand Sony has
announced the introduction of a couple of new additions to their BRAVIA
line of displays. Both the 46- and 52-in LED HDTVs will be part of the
new ZX5 Series and their thin form and connectivity are sure to have the
market taking note.
Sony's latest high-definition televisions will fit right into the
already award-winning line of BRAVIA HDTVs. Known as the ZX5 series, the
two new sets are definitely at the high-end of their product line in
both features and price. Both sets will sport Sony's wicked 240Hz Flow
Motion technology that virtually eliminates motion blur and pixelation
at high movement rates, integrated wireless streaming and edge-mounted
white LED backlighting to enhance the mood. Both TVs include four HDMI
ports, USB 2.0, Ethernet and telephone line in for the integrated modem,
optical audio out, and PC and S-Video. As for the sound, there are dual
built-in 10W speakers.
As expected, both models will support full HD at 1080p and will come
wrapped in a truly low-form factor slim frame design that measures in at
a mere 16.6mm thick for the 52-in model and 15.8mm for the 46-incher.
Sony was able to achieve these amazingly sparse dimensions mainly
because they have taken the wireless connectivity technology outside of
the set and made it a separate, external unit. The wireless connectivity
box accepts HDMI inputs and features both Internet connectivity and
integrated video-on-demand.
The new Sony BRAVIA ZX5 series is expected to hit the shores of Japan
sometime this November and so far it looks like it will include only the
46 and 52-in models. As of yet, Sony has not released pricing or
additional availability info.

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