Friday, 5 April 2013

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Release Date/Pricing Confirmed

Nintendo have now confirmed that the successor to their top selling
exercise/fitness Wii Fit game (which, incidentally, has sold over 15
million copies since its launch last year) have confirmed that the new
version of its Wii Fit software title, known as Wii Fit Plus, is set to
release across North America from October 4th – though you can
already pre-order yours now (details below).
Continuing the theme of assisting you in improving your general fitness,
the new Wii Fit Plus software, which is to be offered as a standalone
software title as well as bundled with the Wii Fit Balance Board, offers
a total of 15 new Balance Board specific games including the likes of
skateboarding, juggling, snowball fights and log-leaping (one for the
lumberjacks out there looking to trim up) as well as a further six new
exercise routines split between strength and yoga workouts.
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