Sunday, 14 April 2013

Motorola Ruby Resurfaces As Motorola V13

Up until now it was widely accepted that the Motorola Ruby would never
see the light of day on account of being cancelled but it seems that
Motorola have called in the crash cart as the Motorola Ruby now appears
to be alive and kicking once again, albeit with a new identity as its
now officially known as the Motorola V12.
Details at this juncture are in somewhat short supply, mainly due to
Motorola not having made any official announcement as at the time of
writing, but, being that the Motorola V12 clamshell and the (now
deceased) Motorola Ruby are purportedly one of the same you can tick off
a 2.2 � QVGA 262K color primary internal display supplemented by an
externally mounted 2 � QVGA touchscreen, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera
with flash and Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connectivity (the Motorola V12 has
only come to light thanks to gaining its Bluetooth SIG certification
– see below).
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