Sunday, 14 April 2013

iHome iP88G Dual iPhone/iPod Dock Clock Radio Released

Okay, saying that iHome s new iP88G dual iPhone/iPod docking clock radio
could save relationships may be going a little too far but, if you live
with someone and you both own iPhones and/or iPods (or any combination
therein) and you have a standard single dock you ll know that when
charge is running low there s a battle to secure access " not so with
the iHome iP88G.
Aside from happily serving to charge two devices simultaneously, meaning
you re both catered for, the iHome iP88G Dual Dock Clock Radio Audio
System for iPhone iPod (to give it its full official title) would
undoubtedly suit bedside table placement in additionally being a full
featured alarm clock radio offering eight AM or FM radio presets
allowing you to wake, if not to its buzzer, to the radio station of your
choice (I can see potential for an argument there) or, of course you
could otherwise opt to wake to a playlist. And, thanks to coming with
three independent alarms, its nice to know you can have one each "
though quite who you d give the third to I don t know (the mind boggles
" oh, how I wish it wouldn t).

In terms of design the iHome iP88G dual iPhone/iPod dock, in stemming
from iHome, naturally comes with Reson8 speaker chambers billed as
offering astounding clarity, depth, and power whilst bass, treble, 3D
sound and balance controls should see you able to adjust the resulting
output to your/your partner s tastes (yet more potential for disquiet
there, too).
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