Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sony PS3 Motion Controller Set for 2010 Release

The Nintendo Wii will soon face competition from their arch rival, the
Sony Playstation 3. ย Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that the
year 2010 will see the debut of their � Motion Controller � (as not
featured in this post's content – being that no actual images of
said controller appear to be in circulation). Of course while it didn t
mention Wii as a source of inspiration, its clear that this controller
will seek to cash in the motion sensitive gaming phenomena, which the
Wii started.

The Sony � Motion Controller �ย prototype was first unveiled at the
recent gaming E3 Expo. The controller makes use of PlayStation Eye
camera to track motion and according to Sony isย thereforeย highly
accurate. Some are calling the controller game changing since it will be
able to recognize the player s face, voice and body motion.

The Sony � Motion Controller � will feature two motion sensors, three
axes gyroscope and three axes accelerometer, in addition to what Sony is
calling rumble � vibration which will really give the feel of gaming.ย
This also means that simultaneously Sony will also work hard at
releasing new games that will fully make use of the motion sensitive

As someone who grew up playing the Atari (yes I am old), all these new
developments in the gaming world make me really excited. I am sure there
are many like me who are not hard core gamers but end up with buying all
the consoles thanks to all these new advancements. Also competition
means price wars, which are always fun for us consumers!

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