Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lok8u nu-m8 GPS Child Location Device

Now I don't want to make light of a pretty serious situation, but I have
to. Last month I remember that I posted an article on something called
the RomEO PuP GPS pet locator that's eerily similar to what I'm about to
cover in this particular post, at least in concept. Now I'm not
suggesting that people put dog collars on their kids to keep track of
them, I just had to get that out there before I could move on. OK, now I
can focus. A British company called Lok8u, whose license plate-like
moniker is a bit of a stretch, has just announced the release of a GPS
child location system called the nu-m8 that is being touted as,
…the world's first GPS locator that locates your child…not
just the device.
Now I don't have kids myself, just dogs, but I can imagine what an
absolute nightmare it would be to actually lose your child. My wife and
I lost our cat for a few hours once and it wasn't fun. Anyway, it sure
seems like the freak quota of the planet has increased in recent years
with all of the press surrounding child-stealing weirdoes and it's about
time a company like Lok8u has done something about it. Their new nu-m8
is basically a GPS locator that has been built-in to a little
wrist-wearable device that also doubles as a digital watch. You strap it
on your kid and you can track them anywhere in the world using the Lok8u
The nu-m8 system uses the same pinpoint precise GPS technology that's
used in SatNav systems and it's capable of locating your child within
three meters (that's about 10-ft). The location part of the system is
accomplished by connecting to the lok8u customer portal via the Internet
or SMS text message from your mobile phone. As an added layer of
security, the wristwatch device has a built-in alarm that is set to go
off if it's removed and it's completely waterproof. You can also set a
safe zone for your kid and the device will let you know if they've
wandered outside of the area. Kind of like an Invisible Fence system for
children without the electric shock. This might be a great feature for
the next generation, Lok8u. Just a suggestion.
At this point, the nu-m8 is only available in the UK and requires a
minimum 18-month (ouch) subscription to Pinpoint Services. Subscriptions
start at 4.99GBP per month for the basic package. The nu-m8 comes in
green, black, blue or pink and is priced at 149.99GBP and is available
to buy now from and
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