Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for Xbox 360

Guitar Hero. It seems like every time I turn on the TV or peruse the
newswires there's another announcement about this marketing behemoth.
You just can't get away from it. The latest iteration of the amazingly
successful multi-console music-based video game, Guitar Hero 5, is
hitting the media like a maelstrom and it has peripheral manufacturers
racing to get their latest and greatest gadgets on the shelves in plenty
of time for the holidays. We just reported on the Ion Drum Rocker kit
for Rock Band 2 so it should come as no surprise that Logitech has
announced the release of their new Wireless Drum Controller for Xbox 360
just in time for the release of Guitar Hero 5.
The Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for Xbox 360, licensed by
Activision Publishing, for the Guitar Hero franchise, appears to be a
pretty full-featured and well-made kit. It sports three fully adjustable
drum pads and two cymbal pads. It's nice to see that we are getting away
from the days of having pads in place of the cymbals. There's just
something not right about a crash on a pad. Now if we can just get them
to include a real high-hat we'll be getting somewhere.
According to Logitech, each piece can be positioned to fit your reach
and suit your style and the quiet and responsive drum pads deliver a
lively feel that won't distract you from the music. In an effort to
improve the overall gameplay, Logitech has designed their wireless kit
with a recessed-rim design that is supposed to make it easier to score
points and avoid accidental rim shots. Another welcome feature is the
stainless steel-surfaced kick pedal that has an adjustable spring. It
certainly seems like manufacturers are taking note of the previous
generation of drum kit controllers' poorly-designed kick pedals and
working in some great improvements to their new products. Kudos, Logitech.
The Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for Xbox 360 is expected to be
available in the U.S. in October and in Europe in September for a
suggested retail price of $229.99.
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