Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Apple iTunes 9 Palm Pre Syncing Capabilities Being 'Worked On'?

We reported back in July concerning the then latest iteration of iTunes
(at that juncture iTunes 8.2.1) serving to block Palm Pre syncing thanks
to Apple acting to firmly close the door concerning 'devices falsely
pretending to be iPods' and, unsurprisingly, the latest version of
iTunes, namely iTunes 9, has served to cement Apple's desire to block
particularly the likes of the Palm Pre from syncing with their application.
Of course there are ways around this, as the majority of Palm Pre owners
undoubtedly will be aware – third party applications such as
iTunes Agent and Missing Sync being notable examples – but what
with Palm on record as seeing Palm Pre iTunes syncing as a positive boon
for their users few doubt that Palm are on the case looking for possible
inroads to get syncing of the Pre with iTunes back – the initial
ability of the Palm Pre to sync with pre 8.2.1 iTunes being, few would
argue, a not insignificant plus point for those with expansive iTunes
libraries intending to part with cash for the (non-Apple) handset.

Palm are, for the time being at least, keeping their lips sealed as to
whether they are looking for possible loopholes in Apple's code that
will, once again, gain their Pre an entrance but few would doubt that
Palm are indeed suitably engaged in looking to gain Pre end-users access
to their iTunes based music and we will, of course, keep our ears firmly
to the ground should any news/rumours prove forthcoming.

In the meantime, however, we're especially keen to hear form Palm Pre
owners who have found that their handsets no longer have iTunes access
(unless they resort to the aforementioned applications) and as to how
they feel about apple continuing to block Pre access. We are also keen
to hear just how many Palm Pre owners are refusing to update iTunes (as
we advised would be the best course of action when version 8.2.1 was
released) whilst this issue remains ongoing.

Moreover, should you own a Pre which you purchased being aware that, at
that time, the Pre would successfully sync with iTunes but, for example,
knew that Apple would be firmly slamming the door in your face would
that have seen you look elsewhere?

We'd be interested to hear your thoughts.
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