Sunday, 14 April 2013

Jabra CRUISER Bluetooth 2.1 Speakerphone

By not using a hands free device, every once in a while a smiling
policeman pulls me over and hands me a talking-while-driving fine every
2 months. But now that I've seen Jabra has added to their speakerphone
collection with the new Jabra CRUISER, I might change my mind and
actually buy one.

Meant for in-car use, the new Bluetooth 2.1 speakerphones feature a set
of dual microphones and technology that cancels all background noises
and echos. On top of that, the Jabra CRUISER is capable of either
reading out contact names or phone numbers (if not stored) when they
call in. The same voice used for that also gives you details about
battery life, the pairing process and the connection status.

Jabra's CRUISER Speakerphone connects via Bluetooth 2.1 (with up to two
devices paired at once), plays MP3 files or, thanks to its built-in
transmitter, can stream content to a nearby FM radio, like the one you
have in your vehicle.

With a long lasting battery that would keep it up and running for 10
hours of talk time or 300 hours while in stand-by, the new CRUISER
devices are expected to sell just in time for the Holiday season and
should cost somewhere close to 100 GBP or $160.
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