Sunday, 14 April 2013

NEC AS191, AS191WM, and AS221WM Desktop LCDs

>From hybrid engines and electric vehicles to eco-friendly mobile phones or energy saving light bulbs, it's a fact that green technology becomes more and more popular. With that in mind and appealing to the green-minded user base, the folks from NEC have just added to their energy efficient LCD monitors lineup with three new models dubbed NEC AS191, AS191WM and AS221WM.

Targeting small-to-medium-sized businesses, the new desktop monitors are
part of the AccuSync series. There are two widescreen models (the
19-inch AS191WM and the 22-inch AS221WM) and a standard-aspect display
(the AS191), with all boasting VGA and DVI connectivity, 1000:1 contrast
ratio and an average response time of 45 seconds. Other than these, both
widescreen models come with down firing multimedia speakers and
headphone jacks.

EPEAT Silver graded all three LCDs promise to keep the power
consumption at very low levels by complying with the ENERGY STAR 5.0 and
the TCO 5.0 rating.

The new NEC AS221WM LCD monitor will ship starting this month for $249,
while the other two will be available from November with the AS191
priced at $189 and the AS191WM at $199.
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