Sunday, 14 April 2013

Philips Brilliance 225P1ES Widescreen ECO Monitor

Philips have introduced their newest eco-friendly widescreen monitor in
the form of the 22 � Philips Brilliance 225P1ES which, thanks to
boasting PowerSensor technology, is capable, according to Philips, of
cutting power consumption by up to 70% when compared with similar
specified displays.
The integrated PowerSensor basically takes the form of a infrared sensor
that served to detect when you re seated before the Brilliance 225P1ES
and, should it establish that you ve gone walk-abouts and not turned
your screen off (tut tut) it ll step in to reduce the display s
brightness which will see up to a 50% reduction in power usage " though
quite why the sensor doesn t act to power down the screen entirely is
beyond us (this would save more power, after all). Add into this the
monitor s other power saving features taking in �efficient power
supplies and reduction in components and you should see up to 70%
reduction in power usage, according to Philips, which, in truth, is
certainly a keen selling point in an age where we are all (mostly)
looking to do our bit for this rock of ours.
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