Sunday, 14 April 2013

DoubleSight Displays USB Sub Monitors Released

Sub monitors that facilitate a convenient extra display courtesy of USB
connectivity are increasingly cropping up these days and along with the
previously featured MIMO UM-710 UM-740, Century Plus One LCD-8000U and
the Samsung Syncmaster U701 (to name but three) DoubleSight Displays
have added to your range of consumer options thanks to the release of
their new range of USB sub monitors " namely the 7 � DS-70U, 9 � DS-90U
and 9 � DS-90U which also packs in an integrated webcam.
Billed as being perfect for use with laptops and notebooks as well as
acting as supplementary displays for desktops (thus serving to offer
additional, �bolt-on screen real estate), the new DoubleSight Displays
USB sub monitors, apart from utilising USB for both video input and
their power requirements – the former being especially handy if
your graphic card offers little scope for adding secondary conventional
monitors " are compatible with both PC and Mac systems and are multi
monitor capable, so your can hook up more than one should you have the
required USB ports going spare. In fact, if you have six free USB ports
you could hook up six of these in addition to your primarily display
though you d need a particularly powerful system to run such a setup, as
well as some pretty serious desk space.

The new DoubleSight Displays USB sub monitors, which boast DisplayLink
technology allowing you to, amongst other things, change between
portrait and landscape orientation with just a click of a mouse, have
just started shipping with the 7 � DS-70U and 9 � DS-90U coming in at
$119 and $139 respectively whilst the 9 � DS-90U, which sports an
inbuilt webcam, will set you back just shy of $160.
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