Wednesday, 3 April 2013

gScreen Introduces Dual Screen Spacebook Notebooks

Dual screen laptops are no longer concepts or renderings and may not be
that far away considering that gScreen have just introduced their dual
screen Spacebook notebooks. A product that is very close to being
finished and marketed. It has two 15.4-inch displays that can sit side
by side, the gScreen dual screen notebooks comes with a unique sliding
mechanism that allows to choose how many screens you use.

The chassis of the notebook is a bit heavy, as it has to accommodate two
screens, but believe it or not, there are plans to follow this model
with 13, 16 and 17-inch notebooks as well.

gScreen is aiming the product at professional designers, photographers
and other such people who find dual screens a great help for their work.
The laptop will run on Windows 7, and will have Intel Core 2 Duo
processors, 4GB RAM and Nvidia GF900M GT discrete graphics. It will
likely have a 7200 rpm hard disk and 6 or 9 cell batteries to power the

One last thing you should remember is that the new gScreen dual screen
Spacebook notebooks aren?t quite ready yet. There are still some
problems with the power source that need to be sorted out. gScreen have
their hopes high to solve the problem and release the laptop before the
end of this year (just in time for Christmas) with a price tag under $3,000.

The plan is to initially sell the notebooks through Amazon and gradually
expand to other retailers as well.

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