Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Medion X9613 Multi Touch All-in-one PC

Netbooks and all-in-one PCs are flooding the market and consequently the
level of competition is bringing out better and better products. Medion
is one of those companies who would like a big piece of the pie (that
HP, Asus and MSI have), hence why they have just introduced a new
24-inch multi-touch all-in-one PC.

Codenamed Medion X9613 AIO PC features a miniature SideShow screen along
with a bunch of media controls that include a physical volume knob. But
more interesting, the basic model proves pretty powerful as it comes
with a Core 2 Quad Q9000 2GHz processor and a GeForce GT240M graphics card.

Price wise, depending on your configuration the new Medion X9613 Multi
Touch All-in-one PC will sell for something between $2,140 and $2,720.
As for a specific release date, nothing has been confirmed yet, but
shouldn't be too far away. So all we can do right now is to admire this
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