Wednesday, 3 April 2013

CerevoCam Digital Camera

One of the most welcomed new features being integrated into the latest
digital cameras is Internet connectivity. Having a camera with wi-fi
capabilities can now make sharing your photos an almost instant
activity. The ability to share your photos by emailing them to friends
and family or by uploading them to photo sharing sites like Flickr and
Picasa is just now starting to make its way to the masses and it would
seem that consumers are eating it up. One of the latest entrants into
this market is the CerevoCam by relative newcomer, Japan-based Cerevo.
While it may be a bit light on the resolution it definitely makes up for
it on connectivity.
Cerevo announced on Saturday the launch of its first official product,
the CerevoCam digital camera. This thing was definitely designed with
the Internet in mind. The CerevoCam is not one to wow with a multitude
of features, but instead has chosen to focus on its abilities in the
wireless arena. Sporting a decent 9MP image resolution CMOS sensor and
basic controls, it includes 802.11n wi-fi in support of its automatic
image upload feature. This means that you can now send photos either to
the company's own CerevoLife site, which provides users with 5GB of free
storage, or put the content on established sites like Flickr, Picasa, or
any of the array of Twitter-oriented photo hosts.
The pocket-sized CerevoCam, which looks an awful lot like a Nintendo DS,
will also have a USB port and should recognize 3G access over HSPA,
giving it an expanded range and faster upload speeds. In an effort to
maintain its small size, the CerevoCam sports a 2.4-in preview LCD and
uses microSD cards over the more traditional full-sized SD variety.
Cerevo has announced that the launch of the CerevoCam is scheduled for
late October or early November in the company's home country of Japan.
It will be available in both black and white versions with an estimated
MSRP of about $210. No word yet on international availability, but given
that it already has an English language menu option I expect it won't be
long before it hits North American shores.
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