Thursday, 4 April 2013

Facebook 3.0 iPhone App Arrives at the App Store

Announced last month, the Facebook 3.0 app for the iPhone is finally
ready for download at the Apple App store. Using Facebook on your iPhone
has never been better as the new application format is almost similar to
the one you use normally on your PC. Do not be hassled if you find the
3.0 Facebook app listed as the 2.5 for that is the version showing up at
the store but it is indeed the latest one.

You may have to search for Facebook on the App Store and install it
directly. I know it still says 2.5, but it will install 3.0 said Joe
Hewitt, the app's designer.

You can now like a friend's status, which, though is usual stuff, was
missing from the Facebook apps thus far. In case you are using the
latest iPhone 3G S, you will get the privilege of uploading videos
directly form the phone to your account. Too bad, but we'll still have
to wait for the push notifications to be available — maybe in
Facebook 3.1? Another missing feature is the availability of the
Landscape mode and support for watching videos directly, without the
need of uploading them.

Could that mean that we should be in for a Facebook 3.1 iPhone app
sometime soon?
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