Sunday, 14 April 2013

Toshiba Satellite T115 & Satellite T135 Laptops Unveiled

If Toshiba were looking to tick all the right boxes in terms of what s
hot right now in the world of mobile computing their new Satellite T100
Series laptops " specifically their just unveiled T115 and Satellite
T135 models – undoubtedly have most bases covered in boasting
particularly sleek, lightweight designs (thin is in, as is reduced
weight) along with those all important ULC credentials seeing reduced
energy consumption resulting in extended battery endurance.
The newly announced T100 Series of Satellites, in being ULV devices,
naturally come with ultra low voltage CPUs courtesy of Intel which,
paired with Toshiba s long life battery packs comprising of 6 cells,
will see you good for up to a not unimpressive nine hours of operation
based on a full charge prior to needing a top up. Additionally,
seemingly in a bid to counter Dell s recent offerings, you can also
count on slim designs " down to just an inch in thickness " as well as
the new models weighing in on the lower end of the scales, right down to
just a mere 3.49lbs in the case of the Satellite T115.
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