Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dell Latitude Z Notebook Debuts

Thin is in and the quest for achieving that Size Zero is not just
restricted to us mere mortals anymore. Now days every gadget worth its
salt wants to boast of slim ergonomics, be it a Macbook Air, an iPod
Touch or even a Samsung SGH-P310 Ultraslim Mobile. The Dell Latitude Z
is the latest notebook on the block and this one is as slim as the
Adamo. However its sleek looks is not what makes the Latitude special
(though that always helps) but rather its innovative feature set.

The Dell Latitude Z draws it juice from an Intel Core 2 Duo processor
and can be equipped with two 256 GB solid-state drives. The 16-inch HD
display not only ensures that you enjoy your favourite movies but also
comes with touch functionality which lets you access common applications
like email, imaging, the 2 MP web camera etc. Interestingly the camera
also works like a business card reader as one can save card information
to Microsoft Outlook contacts.

If you are already impressed then wait till we tell you about a new
feature, which sets the Z apart from the rest of clique. The Dell
Latitude Z eliminates wires as one can indulge in wireless charging by
hooking up a small separate adapter in the next room or even in the same
room. This means you don t need to connect the charger to the laptop
itself, which alone makes the Z a winner in my books.

Of course all these nifty features comes at a rather hefty price ($2000)
so it may be a while before everyone jumps on the Dell wireless
eco-system � bandwagon.

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