Saturday, 13 April 2013

Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60 Debuting on AT&T Soon

The Garmin-Asus' nuvifone G60 finally has a release date (though not
confirmed by AT T) and boy are we happy. According to the rumor mill,
the GPS smartphone will debut on the AT T network on October 4th for
$299.99, so no more waiting game. Those who sign up for the $299.99 plan
with AT T ย will also have to shell out an extra $30 for data services
and an additional ย $5.99 per month for the Garmin Premium services (GPS).

The ย Garmin-Asus' nuvifone G60 is different from the regular
smartphones that offer navigational services. This is because the Garmin
navigational technology is fully integrated in the G60 including email,
contacts, SMS, photos etc. Hence one doesn t need to shut an application
to navigate an address and make use of the search button. Photo tagging
is another cool feature on the phone as one can send/receive pictures
with location based information.

Apart from offering cutting-edge navigational functionality, the G60
also impresses as a mobile phone. The G60 which is a Quad-band 2G,
tri-band 3G handset, comes equipped with a Webkit-based Internet
browser, personal messaging, Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth. One will also
find support for ย location-based applications, including real-time
traffic information, gas prices, flight times, weather, White Pages and
local search.

The G60 also features a large touchscreen, which offers both portrait
and landscape views and a virtual QWERTY keyboard. ย While it doesn t
support corporate email, it does let you access Hotmail, Gmail and AOL
accounts through POP3/IMAP setup.

So looks like after the iPhone, AT T has another winner on their hands.
Since its announcement, the Garmin-Asus' nuvifone G60 has generated a
lot of curiosity and it will be interesting to see if it lives up to all
the hype.
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