Saturday, 13 April 2013

Palm webOS 1.2 Release, Available to Download

The Palm webOS 1.2 will be available in the next few days and as
expected the latest version includes a plethora of new updates and
features. ย So Palm Pre users, it s that time of the month again. The
time to hit the update button of your smartphone and download the latest
version of the webOS 1.2.

For starters, now Palm Synergy supports LinkedIn contact syncing which
means that vital information from LinkedIn profiles (like job titles)
will be displayed in one s Pre Contacts. Business-oriented webOS 1.2
users will also find the support for heterogeneous EAS policies useful.

Some other useful updates also include; the ability to filter the emails
in the current folder just by typing a search term, the ability to
download files in the browser, access to the Amazon MP3 Store and
support for OTA downloads from either Wi-Fi or WAN. The update also
makes it possible to copy-paste web pages and email and one can also now
pause Podcasts and resume them at leisure.

Its is clear from the new webOS 1.2, that Palm is aiming at blurring the
lines between consumer and business phones. The webOS 1.2. will be
available as a OTA and if you like to read about it more head over to
the Palm Blog.
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