Thursday, 11 April 2013

Belkin Home Base Wireless Network Sharing Device

More and more home users are getting over their fears of networking and
diving right in. Manufacturers are making it easier for ordinary, less
tech savvy folks to take advantage of services like DLNA and wireless
home network storage devices and the latest product introduction from
Belkin, the Home Base, speaks right to this change in consumer mindset.
The Home Base is a user-friendly device that integrates right into
existing home networks and enables wireless sharing of multiple USB
Belkin's Home Base is really a brilliant little device. It has taken the
guesswork out of sharing devices on a home-based wireless network by
essentially turning the unit into its own wireless server. The Home Base
has push-button setup and allows users to connect up to four USB devices
and share them with other users on their home network. You can connect
USB hard drives, printers, cameras, PMPs, just about anything that has a
USB connection, and it will instantly become accessible to other users
on your network.
Some of the cool features include the ability to turn the Home Base into
a NAS device by hooking up external storage devices and the fact that
you can take advantage of DLNA content from devices like the Xbox 360
and PS3 to access multimedia files directly through your wireless setup.
This means streaming movies and music anywhere in your house. The Home
Base uses 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n wi-fi and is compatible with both PC
and Mac machines. Expected to go on sale later this month, the Belkin
Home Base will retail for $129.99. Head on over to for
more info.

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