Thursday, 11 April 2013

Navigon Introduces Live Traffic to iPhone

Ahead of TomTom's upcoming GPS app for the iPhone, Navigon today
announced Live Traffic functionality for their Navigon MobileNavigator
app. Meant as the most complete GPS application available for the
iPhone, the new update comes just a week after their text-to-speech
upgrade for the same app, update that had also added capability to dial
up a point of interest from within.

Navigon says that the new Traffic Live feature will get precise
traffic info from analyzing speed data from more than 1 million drivers
across North America including commercial fleets as well as regular
drivers with GPS systems. The application also uses information from
traffic cameras, speed sensors and traffic messages coming through a
radio network, and will offer onscreen alerts about the traffic
situation while calculating a route.

MobileNavigator users will pay a one-time fee of $24.99 for lifetime
traffic ($20 for the first four weeks), while the rest of the world will
first have to get their hands on the Navigon iPhone app for $90, before
installing the new upgrade.

The new Traffic Live update for the Navigon MobileNavigator will be
available next month, in October.
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