Thursday, 4 April 2013

Altec Lansing MIX Boombox Audio Dock

Are you convinced that all audio docks are the same? Like you, I have
pretty much seen just about all there is when it comes to iPod stereo
speaker systems and charging docks. You plug in your iPod (or iPhone if
you still have a job and can afford one), it charges, you can listen to
your tunes, end of story. But what if you have two friends that want to
hook up their iPods to your dock and you only have one available slot?
How about the latest product offering from the audio engineers at Altec
Lansing, the MIX Boombox audio dock. If one dock is good, three is even
The Altec Lansing MIX Boombox is the latest audio dock from the folks
known more for their computer sound systems than their iPod friendly
gear. In what looks like an homage to the 80s shoulder-slung sound
systems of old, the MIX Boombox definitely looks the part. Actually, I
think I saw this same design in the movie Breakin', but that was a long
time ago. So what do you get? Well, for starters, this thing has three
options for audio in. Yeah, I said three. You can dock your iPod or
iPhone on the front and there are two separate 3.5-mm aux-in jacks so
you can connect two more devices. The pic is a bit confusing, because of
the way the iPod on the top is standing up you'd think there was another
dock up there too. Sadly, there isn't.
Some of the other features found on the MIX Boombox include a
side-mounted 5.25-in subwoofer, seven-band graphic equalizer, digital FM
tuner, and clip-on full-function remote control. On the sound side of
things, it sports dual 1-in horn-loaded polypropylene tweeters and dual
3-in mid range drivers. You can power it with either the included AC
adapter or eight, count 'em, eight D-cell batteries. Now that's sure to
add some weight to this portable music system.
The Altec Lansing MIX Boombox is available for sale now with an MSRP of
$299.95. If you need more info or want to see additional pics you can
surf on over to
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